Who is Jill?

I'm a Freelance Writer/Media & Marketing Professional, College Professor, and Entrepreneur.

For the past 10+ years, I did a lot of Copy Writing, TV Production, Events Management, PR & Marketing.

I worked for big media companies such as MTV Asia and Philippines, Channel [V] Philippines, GMA7, and TV5.

I've had the privilege of working closely with creative stalwarts such as Rich Ilustre (Award-Winning Director for Talentadong Pinoy & Shall We Dance), Miguel Minana (The genius behind all Malacanang State Dinners, Mar-Korina Wedding & various sports and corporate events), Directors Audie Gemora and Rowell Santiago among many others.

I've also done some Talent Management for rock band The Late Isabel, and Publishing/Editorial for a number of church ministries.

Now I am back in my hometown Davao City, after 15 years of living the prodigal life in manic Manila. Currently I'm in FASHION and EDUCATION -- 2 things that I've always wanted to do. I teach Literature in college and I manage a dress shop called RL FASHION & LIFESTYLE.

This blog was formerly called "Memoirs of a New Missus" and as the title suggests it was an online journal about my new life as a wife, and all the other roles I played in between -- surrogate mom, prodigal daughter, protective sister,  favorite niece, first grandchild, concerned friend, iconoclastic employee, perfectionist boss, overwhelmed ministry worker, new Christian... I talked about my FAITH, my family, friends, and my freelance career... my breakdowns and breakthroughs... It had a lot of my MIND, HEART & SOUL, to the point that I felt like the whole world already knew about my life. (a scary thing actually)

It's now called JILLISSUES (a play on the words Jill's Issues and Jillicious, a nickname that my former boss coined in 2001.)

Check out my complete Work History Outline HERE
Contact me by email: jaunjie@yahoo.com